Automated External Difibrillators – keeping you safer


Sudden cardiac arrest and automated external defibrillators

Defibrillators (also known as AEDs) are medical devices that help and support a rescue for a patient in Cardiac Arrest. They achieve this by applying a current of electricity across the heart to stop it, allowing it to reconfigure automatically. Defibrillators are not “Heart Re-starters” – any sign indicating this is wrong!

Death from Cardiac Arrest if untreated is about 97% of cases. With the correct and rapid treatment, survival to hospital can, in theory, be raised to around the 70% mark, but this assumes rapid action, good CPR (Chest compressions) and also the timely use of a defibrillator.

The heart degrades by around 20% per minute after a Cardiac Arrest, and so the faster help can be given the better the outcome. The process is known as the ‘Chain of Survival’

Modern portable AEDs have made defibrillation a much simpler process than in the past. They’re designed to be used by members of the public, and are very effective at guiding the operator through the process of administering a shock. They are widely available, safe and easy to use, and won’t allow a shock to be given to a victim who doesn’t need one.

The Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) is a charity whose aims are to help and support communities in the correct provision of defibrillators, but in sustainable, resilient and governance led manner.  Wem Rural Parish Council has worked with CHT to install defibrillators at The Dog and Bull Coton, Edstaston Village Hall and The Horse and Jockey Northwood.

CHT ensures that communities obtain the correct defibrillators equipment, equipment that is designed for the task and conforms to the various legislative requirements, such as disability laws. They also ensure the storage cabinets meet the right requirements for the need, this means storage that will minimise condensation, is heated with the right type of heater, conforms to health and safety, as well as electrical safety requirements, and meets disability recommendations. Suitable cabinets are branded as meeting the ‘ShockBox’ standard.

Coming soon awareness training and opportunities to become part of Wem Rural Responders!

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For more information contact the Parish Clerk on 01948 710672