Together, we want to keep Shropshire a healthy and happy place to live. We want you and your loved ones to feel good and have everything you need to stay healthy.

In Rural Wem and your community, we care about what you value and what makes you feel healthy and well. We want to know if there are things that could be improved or done differently to help you and your loved ones feel even better.

Being healthy and well starts before we might need help from doctors or other caregivers. It starts at home, school, and in the community. It even includes the streets and parks where we play.

The conditions of these things can affect our ability to make healthy choices and live healthy lives. For example, having a safe and nice home can make us feel secure and in control. This helps us sleep better and reduces stress and feel happier and more stable.

Being connected to family, friends, and our community is really important too. It makes us happier and helps us live longer. When we feel connected, we have fewer problems with our physical and mental health.

We want to know what you think your community needs to stay healthy and well. We want to work together to find the right services for you. So please scan the QR code, or click on the link and share what you think! Closes 16th Dec 23.

Paper copies are available from Wem Library and can be returned in our ‘post boxes’ in Wem library and Wem Medical practice.

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Shropshire Council, Wem Town Council and Wem Rural Council in partnership.



helen mccabe
Author: helen mccabe