Love your High Street Week

Love your Hight Street Week is from 13th-19th November and is about encouraging people to use their high streets.

Why is it important to shop locally?

These businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, they create jobs and instil a unique character into our towns and cities. They help bring us back to a more supportive way of living – where neighbours support neighbours. 

Shopping locally promotes a sense of belonging and connection among residents, and can also reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance supply chains.  

Independent retailers often offer distinctive, handcrafted, and locally-sourced products that enrich our lives with authenticity and diversity.  

The week-long celebration

So, here is a new reason to celebrate your indies! The “Love Your High Street” campaign. A week dedicated to shopping with independent retailers, designed to rejuvenate and promote local businesses.  

📅 WHEN: Monday 13th November 2023 – Sunday 19th November 2023 


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