Parish Council active on behalf of residents

At the August meeting of Wem Rural Parish Council community projects and issues were at the forefront of discussions.

The Clerk, Carole Warner, explained: “Shropshire Council’s Neil Wilcox gave a presentation on its latest initiative, Locality Working, which allows local people to have greater input about the services which are delivered in their area. Having heard Shropshire Council’s plans the Parish Council has accepted an invitation to join the Governing Board for the Wem area. The Parish Council also reviewed the draft Visitor and Tourism Action Plan for Wem. There is growing support that the Wem area community should be more pro-active when promoting itself for visitors and this document sets out a good starting point.

The Parish Council has also been active taking up residents’ concerns with environmental issues. Councillors have held meetings with the Environmental Agency and Shropshire Council regarding noise issues in the Lowe area of the Parish and monitored the removal of asbestos sheets in the Soulton Road area.”

Parish Council Chair Peter Broomhall said, “When the Parish Council is approached by residents on issues that concern them it works hard to make sure answers are received and, where possible, problems are resolved. Although we are a relatively small parish when compared with others, we believe we can still influence bigger bodies like the Environmental Agency and Shropshire Council and make the parish a safer and more pleasant place to live.”