Council Elections 2017

The deadline for receipt of nominations for the position of Councillor for the Parish Council was Tuesday 4 April 2017.  10 nominations were received for the 12 seats available.  There were no nominations received more than available seats for each Ward.  The links to the notices of uncontested elections are below:

Edstaston Ward                  Roden Ward                   Newtown Ward.

The is 1 vacant position in Edstaston Ward.  The Council can fill this position by co-option.  If you would like to be considered for this position please contact the Clerk or any Councillor.


Guidance for candidates

The following documents will give guidance to prospective candidates:

Wem Rural Parish Council – Information for candidates

Shropshire Council – Guide to Procedures for Town and Parish Council Elections

Good Councillor Guide

Power to the People

It Takes All Sorts