Round Meadow, Soulton Road, Wem


A unique opportunity for local people to rent or buy a house in the Parish.

Severnside Housing in partnership with Wem Rural Parish Council have built 23 new affordable homes for rent or shared ownership at Round Meadow, Soulton Road, Wem and are a mix of 3 bed houses, 2 bed houses and 2 bed bungalows. These homes are exclusively for local people or people with strong local connection.  All properties for rent have been allocated but shared ownership properties are still available.  Contact Monks in Wem (01939 234368) for more details

The development is also approved under Shropshire Council’s Community-Led Housing Scheme.


Who are Severnside Housing?

Severnside Housing are one of Shropshire’s largest social landlords, and currently owns and maintains more than 5,300 homes across the County. They are a not for profit company that exists to provide affordable housing and services to support the tenants who live in Severnside homes. Severnside are a Registered Social Landlord and are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.

Severnside have a strong track record in the delivery of integrated housing management and maintenance services with up to date ICT systems to support effective delivery. Their own in-house property services team – Severnside Housing Property Services (SHPS) – undertakes a large proportion of Severnside’s own refurbishment project work and all of their responsive repairs.

The organisation works in close partnership with Shropshire Council. Severnside have a long and successful history of working together as one of their key partners in developing and improving housing services and standards in the county.

More information about Severnside Housing can be found at


What houses are available?

All 23 houses on Round Meadow are classed as affordable, and 6 can be purchased under a shared ownership scheme. The split of houses are as follows:

For shared ownership:

2 x 2 bedroom houses

4 x 3 bedroom houses


Site Plan, Floor Plans and Elevations

Click here for a site plan of Round Meadow.

Plots 18 & 19

Plots 20 & 21

Plots 22 & 23


What makes Round Meadow special?

In most cases, rented affordable houses are allocated to people and families who are in the most need. The allocation system does take into account a number of elements like length of time on the social housing waiting list but ultimately it can depend on need, irrespective on where you live at the present time.

The difference with the houses on Round Meadow is that, to be considered, you first have to live locally or have a strong local connection. What does live locally or have a strong local connection mean?

To be considered as a prospective occupier at least one adult member of the household must meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

(Local Area is initially Wem Rural Parish – please see the section on Local Area below)

  • Their parents were permanently resident in the Local Area at the time of the applicant’s birth.
  • Thy were in permanent residence in the Local Area for any period of 5 years as a child attending a school in the Local Area (or who for special reasons attended a school outside of the Local Area but would have been expected to attend a local school but for those special reasons.
  • They are currently lawfully resident in the Local Area and have lived there for at least 3 years.
  • They don’t currently live in the Local Area but have previously lived there at some point for 15 continuous years as an adult.
  • They are currently employed or routinely carry out self-employment work within either the Local Area or 5 kilometres of Round Meadow.
  • They have a confirmed written off of permanent work within either the Local Area or 5 kilometres of Round Meadow.
  • They can demonstrate active community involvement in the Local Area sustained for at least the previous 2 years or are determined by the Wem Rural Parish Council as having some other form of strong connection with the local community and/or its hinterland.
  • Their parents currently live in the Local Area or another close family member who provides or requires a substantial degree of support currently lives in the Local Area.
  • If over 50 years of age, they have a close family member currently living in the Local Area.


What is meant by Local Area?

 Local Area means Wem Rural Parish – click here to see a map of the Parish. However, if no eligible person comes forward so Severnside can allocate the house within 10 weeks of being available, the geographical area will be progressively widened over time as follows:

1.  To include the area of Wem Urban (Town) Parish.

2.  After a further 10 weeks to include a 10 kilometre radius of Round Meadow (which includes Loppington Parish and Whixall Parish).

3.  After a further 10 weeks to include all of Shropshire (excluding the area of Telford and Wrekin Council).


What do I have to do if I think I qualify and would like to live on one of these homes?

If you are interested and what to find out more please contact the Customer Services Team at Severnside Housing on 0300 300 00 59.