Wem Economic Forum



Wem Economic Forum is a joint initiative between Local Government, businesses

and local community groups.



The next WEF meeting is schedule for Wednesday 30 May 2018 at Edinburgh House, Wem at 6pm.

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Previous Meetings

Thursday 8 March 2018 

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Extraordinary General Meeting 11 January 2018

Draft Minutes


Economic Development Plan 2018

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Mission Statement

Wem Economic Forum will provide a platform for likeminded organisations to work together to deliver a successful, prosperous, safe and healthy community, which offers a good quality of life to its people.


Its Purpose

  • To strengthen the economic base of the area.
  • To improve the area’s ability to compete for trade and investment.
  • To provide a focus for the economic and social regeneration of the area


Key Roles:

Agree, through discussion with others, the local and strategic economic priorities for the area: develop, monitor and review strategic goals and shared ambitions that underpin the economic development of the area.

Prepare an Annual Economic Development Plan – setting priorities and ensuring action, taking into account resources allocated by WEF, by partners and by budgets.

Review Performance – demonstrating progress against Plan.

Inform strategic bodies as deemed necessary and appropriate on local issues.

Secure funding for projects which will benefit the economic, social and sustainable health of the area – identify, facilitate and deliver these projects.

Provide a focus for consultations on county and national economic issues – conduct area consultations as appropriate

Explore new ways of working and service delivery.

Provide a focus for how sustainability issues can be considered within proposals for the economic development of the area.

Recommend action on any other issues pertinent to the operation of WEF.



WEF will be open to councils, constituted groups, self-employed and companies within the area of WEF.

Within the Terms of Reference, councils, constituted groups, self-employed and companies will be referred to as organisations.

To encourage strategic working, WEF will meet at least 4 times a year.

The Chair and Vice Chair will be appointed annually at the Annual Meeting and come from the organisations which provide funding to WEF

The Annual Meeting will take place in July and be open to members of the public.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time at the discretion of the Chair or by one third of Voting Members.

Agenda and accompanying papers will normally be circulated at least 5 working days prior to a meeting.

Notice, agenda and accompanying papers will normally be circulated at least 14 working days prior to a General or Extraordinary Meeting.

The agenda for the Annual Meeting will include:

  • The Annual Accounts.
  • Report of WEF’s activities for the previous year.
  • The Annual Economic Development Plan for the year.
  • Appointment of Working Groups, their Terms of Reference, Chair and Secretary.
  • To agree dates of future meetings.

The quorum for meetings will be 6 representatives.

The Terms of Reference may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast at a General or Extraordinary Meeting. Organisations must be given a clear 14 days’ notice of the proposed amendment(s).

Individuals or organisations with specialist knowledge or interests relevant to WEF’S work, should be invited to attend on an ad hoc/advisory basis.


The full Terms of Reference can be found through this link