Who are your Councillors?


You may recognise the names but who are your Parish Councillors?


Cllr Peter Broomhall

I moved to Sunnyside Farm Aston Wem in 1966 helping to run the dairy herd of Holstein Friesians on a family farm. I was a member and Chairman of the Shropshire Holstein Club. I am a member of North Shropshire Conservative Association which prompted me to become a Parish Councillor.  I joined Wem Rural Parish Council in 1995 because I enjoyed working with people and helping to solve problems and working with my fellow councillors to make Wem Rural a better place.  I have been Chairman twice. I served on North Shropshire District Council for 9 years on the cabinet looking after Procurement and Asset Management.  On retirement, from farming I moved into Wem and decided to join Wem Town Council when a vacancy came up for the West Ward.  I fought a By-Election as a Conservative candidate and was elected in December 2009.  I served as Mayor of Wem in 2012-2013 this was a great honour.   


Cllr Georgia Bruce

Hello! My name is Georgia Bruce and I am the youngest and newest member of the Wem Rural Parish Council. I run a small business locally and have lived in Edstaston for over 15 years, so I really have grown up here! I decided to join the Parish Council because I want to help bring modern ideas to the table and to really help out my generation of parishioners.

I’m a chef and love to use locally grown produce and really support artisanal producers in my daily business. I enjoy swimming and going to the gym, and eating out at nice restaurants. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone if there’s anything you’d like me to bring up at meetings, I would love to hear from you!


Cllr Fiona Ford

I have lived in Wem Rural for the past 7 years having moved out of Wem Town where I lived for 17 years, I am a local girl I grew up in Whixall and have always enjoyed the benefits of rural life. My husband and I now run a successful Haulage business from Wem Rural.

I was co-opted in as a Councillor a few years ago having no real experience and not knowing what was expected of me , initially I was unsure of some elements within the meeting but soon got the hang of things and felt my local knowledge and assisting the needs of the parishioners was of benefit.

I enjoy attending the meetings and will continue to be Councillor to further advance the community for the benefit of all parishioners ensuring that the rural structure is maintained and protected for the future.


Cllr Geoff Glover

My wife and I moved into this parish in April 2015, because, being retired we wanted to live near our daughter and her family. Like one or two of the other councillors, work has caused a slightly nomadic existence. We have lived in Yorkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Herefordshire, West Midlands, Cheshire and Lancashire, mainly in a rural or semi-rural environment.

Whilst living in a small village north of Hereford in the mid 1970s, I was on Hereford and Worcester County Council, until my work as an engineering manager with a major multinational moved me on. I now have the time to once again serve the local community and hopefully utilise over 50 years engineering experience and a practical problem solving approach, to their advantage.

I was initially a co-opted member representing Newtown Ward then became an elected member in 2017.


Cllr Peter Marsh

I have lived within five miles of Wem all my life and went to Wem school. Having farmed at Lee Brockhurst for 48 years, I retired to Aston in 2010. I care passionately about Wem and its surrounding rural countryside and joined as a councillor just over four years ago with a view to helping make a difference.


Cllr Jon Murgatroyd

I have lived in Wem Rural Parish with my wife and two children since 2005 having moved to the area from the south midlands. I join the Parish Council in 2010 and took on the role of chairman in May 2016.

I became a parish councillor because I wanted to help protect our parish for future generations whilst playing a small part in shaping the area for future. Being a councillor is very rewarding and the focus on ‘localism’ really does give local people the opportunity to make significant decisions that affect our parish.


Cllr Peter Slack

I moved to Wem Rural with my family at the start of 2007, having previously lived in and around the Midlands. Having been slightly nomadic earlier in life, I can honestly say, we should cherish what Wem Rural has to offer.

I joined the parish council through co-option in 2013, and subsequent re-election in 2017 and currently serve as the vice-chair. Parish councils provide a vital part of the mechanics of local government. They represent, and are represented by, people who have their local community’s needs and wants at the very heart of what they do. Like so many things in life, you and they get out what you put in.

Being a councillor gives you the opportunity to give something back to the community, and get involved in shaping the issues that will be important to our area for future generations. I have also been amazed at just how much goes on in our parish. It’s a real privilege to be involved in.


Cllr Len Staines

Our family moved from Shrewsbury to Barkers Green in August 1986, and I joined the Parish Council in May 1991 In the following years I soon got to know many of the residents of Barkers Green, Aston and Tilley, and found myself being asked to support them over the many and varied issues that concerned them, frequent topics being related to highways and planning. Following up issues has generated for me an interest in local history, with interesting discoveries on talking to residents who have been here much longer than I.

I have always been interested in wildlife and conservation, and being surrounded by lovely countryside and a wide range of habitats has enabled me to develop this further. I’m grateful for the constant guidance and encouragement from our Shropshire Councillors.

All in all I enjoy being involved with the local community, and I always appreciate the support and friendship of other Councillors, and of course, our parishioners.


Cllr Liz Vernon

I have lived in Edstaston for over 40 years and fully appreciate how fortunate I am to live in such a wonderful area. I have been a teacher in schools in Shropshire and Telford for all this time but with part time work now,  I am able to contribute to my local community in a more positive way.  My husband has run a local business for 45 years and is now joined by our son.

I am a long standing member of the Edstaston Village Hall Committee and hold the position of Secretary.  We organise events in the hall with the purpose of getting people together to enjoy themselves but the hall is also used for private functions and community needs such as meetings and  elections.  I also support the functions run by St Mary’s Church, Edstaston.  I enjoy meeting up with people who have become very good friends.

In 2011 I joined the Parish Community  Plan group because I enjoy geography, history, the local environment and community involvement.  I then became a councillor for the Edstaston Ward for four years and have extended this for a further four years. I understand the importance of the contribution of agriculture, local family and small businesses to Wem Rural area.  They  employ local people and they are loyal and support businesses in the area and on Wem Industrial Estate.

We are very fortunate to live in Wem Rural and I would like to see a balanced approach to planning for the future providing jobs and local housing,  both affordable and market value,  so that local young people and families can enjoy the privilege of living and working  in a rural area.  There are times when development is needed to revitalise and help us move forward so that our local town of Wem and our rural schools can continue to thrive both socially and economically


Cllr Stella Whyte

I have lived on the rural edge of Newtown/Northwood for 20 years, and previously spent 10 enjoyable years as a Governor at Newtown Primary School, including 4 years as Chair and 8 years as Chair of the Finance and Staffing committee. As well as enthusiasm for this little corner of Shropshire, I bring skills to the parish council from my professional life as a strategic statutory and community consultation and public engagement specialist on large infrastructure projects in the fields of renewable energy, transport, construction and infrastructure development for an international environmental consultancy. I am married to Mike, who is a part-time but active member of the local farming community and we also manage a small farming business specialising in pedigree Highland Cattle. We have two teenage daughters, both of whom have been educated at Newtown Primary and Thomas Adams schools.


Cllr Ruth Williams

I have lived in North Shropshire since 1996 having settled here with my family after a number of years in the forces. It was always our intention to return to North Shropshire as my husband came from here. My children attended the local schools and my eldest son returned to teach at Thomas Adams.

I am committed to support the Wem Rural Parish council and working with Wem Town council to enhance the local area and hope to contribute to the regeneration of the area. In particular to develop the growth of local business and in particular young people starting up new business. Additionally, I feel that there is a role for the council to encourage affordable housing for young families.

We live in a beautiful part of the countryside and I would like to encourage visitors to the local area but to do so in a way that shows off the rural heritage of our parish whilst providing opportunities for all residents of the parish.


Cllr Tim Wilton-Morgan

In 2009 I sold my business and moved to Shropshire. Prior to that I worked long hours and had little time to devote to outside interests. With the additional time retirement gave me I decided I wanted to serve the community which had made me so welcome, using the skills and contacts I had acquired in business to help local people.
I like to think I bring a positive attitude and a common-sense approach to problems. It is rewarding to feel I can make a difference and influence change for the better.