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Wem Rural Parish is divided into 3 wards: Newtown Ward with 291 electors and 2 councillors, Edstaston Ward with 538 electors and 5 councillors and Wem Ward with 519 electors and 5 councillors, a total electorate of 1348 (electoral figures taken from the 2016 electoral roll).

Parish Councils are the part of local government closest to the people.  It is not a voluntary organisation, a charity or something to do with the church.  They serve the smallest area and are responsible for the most local matters.  Very importantly, Parish Councils can “precept” – raise a sum collected with the council tax each year to improve facilities and service for local people.

Parish Councils were first created under the Local Government Act 1894 and they are still being created.  As Parish Councils were created in law, they can only act within the law by exercising those powers and functions, which have been conferred on them by Statute (ie Acts of Parliament).

The Council represents and serves the whole community.  Most communities are made up of smaller communities, often with different interest; a Council’s duty is to serve them all.  The Council balances the needs of different elements of all the community to get the best results.  Frequently, Councils has the difficult task of deciding what the best result might be.

Parish Councils have a number of basic responsibilities in making the lives of local communities more comfortable, many of which are often taken for granted.  Essentially these powers fall within three main categories; representing the whole electorate within the parish; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve the quality of life in the parish.

The Parish Council has one Committee, the Personnel Committee.  Its Terms of Reference can be viewed through this link.


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Keeping safe and well this summer

Keeping safe and well this summer

The Shropshire Carers Support Team has put together a summer wellness guide (attached) so you have information at your fingertips. Download and / or print off the guide for advice on how to keep safe and well during the summer – includes handy links to various...

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