Meeting papers

The agenda for a meeting will appear here at least 3 days before the meeting.

Draft Minutes will appear within 30 days of a meeting.


The Parish Council has adopted a long term Business Plan to help direct its work, a copy can be found on the Aims and Objectives page.  Items identified within the Business Plan and other issues being progressed by the Parish Council are monitored through an Action Plan.  The Plan is reviewed at every Council meeting and tracks progress.  It is hoped residents will find this easier to track issues rather than reading minutes of meeting.

A copy of the Action Plan can be found through this link.

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesSupporting papers
5 March 2024Agenda
6 February 2024AgendaDraft MinutesFinancial Statement
Action Plan
9 January 2024AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
Action Plan


Meeting DateAgendaMinutesSupporting papers
5 December 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
7 November 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
3 October 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
5 September 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement

1 August 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
4 July 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement

6 June 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
2 May 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
4 April 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
7 March 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
7 February 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement
10 January 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Statement


Meeting DateAgendaMinutesSupporting papers
4 January 2022AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
1 February 2022AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
1 March 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
5 April 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
3 May 2022AgendaMinutesItem 14a & 14b
7 June 2022AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
5 July 2022AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
2 August 2022AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
6 September 2022AgendaMinutesAgenda Item 10a and 10b
4 October 2022AgendaMinutesItems 7a and 7b
1 November 2022AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
6 December 2022AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b


Meeting DateSupporting papers
5 January 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
2 February 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
2 March 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
6 April 2021AgendaMinutes
11 May 2021AgendaMinutesItems 17a and 17b
1 June 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
6 July 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
3 August 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
7 September 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
5 October 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
2 November 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
7 December 2021AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b


Meeting Date
7 January 2020AgendaMinutesItems 7a and 7b
4 February 2020AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
3 March 2020AgendaMinutesAgenda Items 7a and 7b
4 August 2020AgendaMinutesItem 5a
Item 5b
Item 8a & 8b
Item 8c
Item 8e
Items 8f & 8h
1 September 2020AgendaMinutesItem 7a and 7b
6 October 2020AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
3 November 2020AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
1 December 2020AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b


Meeting Date
8 January 2019AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b Item 7e
5 February 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a and 8b
5 March 2019AgendaMinutesItem 7a & 7b
2 April 2019AgendaMinutes
7 May 2019AgendaMinutes
4 June 2019AgendaMinutesItems 9a and 9b
2 July 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
6 August 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a & 8b
3 September 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
1 October 2019AgendaMinutesItems 7a & 7b
5 November 2019AgendaMinutesItems 7a and 7b
3 December 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b