Round Meadow Steering Group


Round Meadow, Soulton Road, Wem – a Shropshire Council’s Community-Led Housing Scheme Site


Severnside Housing in partnership with Wem Rural Parish Council have built 23 new affordable homes for rent or shared ownership at Round Meadow, Soulton Road, Wem and are a mix of 3 bed houses, 2 bed houses and 2 bed bungalows. These homes have been built exclusively for local people or people with strong local connection.

The development is also approved under Shropshire Council’s Community-Led Housing Scheme.


What is Community-Led Housing?

Community-Led Housing is an initiative launched by Shropshire Council in August 2012. It aims to empower communities of all shapes and sizes to commission their own affordable homes to meet local needs. In addition it seeks consensus solutions which bring innovation and fresh thinking around active community participation and long term stewardship / oversight or even community ownership.

As a partner with Severnside Housing in the development of Round Meadow, Wem Rural Parish Council set up a Steering Group which could comprise of Parish Councillors, Severnside Housing, Shropshire Council (Councillor and Officer), Wem Town Council and members of the local community. Terms of Reference were approved.

The Steering Group met as determined by its members and all meetings were open to the public. Agenda and Minutes  can be accessed from the links below.

Now the properties have been completed, the Steering Group has been disbanded having completed its objective of: To deliver, with the assistance of partners, a Community-Led Housing Development of Affordable Homes primarily for local residents of Wem Rural Parish with housing needs.

The Roles and Responsibilities of key partners in the project going forward have been agreed.



Meetings 2015

25 June             Agenda      Minutes         Statement by Mr Robinson

14 April              Agenda      Minutes

26 February      Agenda      Minutes

29 January       Agenda       Minutes


Meetings 2014

4 December     Agenda        Minutes

6 November    Agenda        Minutes

1 October         Agenda        Minutes

2 September   Agenda        Minutes

17 July             Agenda        Minutes

2 June             Agenda         Minutes

1 May               Agenda        Minutes

27 March        Agenda        Minutes

6 February     Agenda        Minutes


Meetings 2013

21 November Agenda        Minutes

28 October    Agenda        Minutes

9 May             Agenda        Minutes    Project Review

15 April         Agenda        Minutes

4 April           Agenda        Minutes

12 March      Agenda        Minutes

26 February Agenda        Minutes